The Secret

We are sitting in Margie’s small living room that looks over the morning shadows across the lawn, through the cedar trees to the wild place that gives the residence’s its …

Going to Napa #1

I am flying to Napa, California to visit my 85 year old aunt, research a book, explore vineyards (and what the drought is doing to them), drink a lot of …

It’s All About Me and Clare, God Damn It!!!!!!

There are now eight parts to the Clare stories and, after completing extensive rewrites, I’m feeling pretty good about them. The logical next step is to begin pushing them out into the world.

There’s two ways of doing this:

Send them to my wonderful agent who hopefully will fall in love with Clare
Get them noticed first through some form of publishing

What to do?

Revision Obsessions

The pitfalls of on-line publishing in its ability to be edited and re-edit, and the too easy possibility of grammar and spelling errors to get through.


Weeks after it arrived, I finally got to The New Yorker issue with the profile of Chris Rock. It was terrific but there was one bit that made it truly …